Buckingham Strategic Partners June Market Commentary

Inflation has been a significant topic in 2024, as markets continue to try to get a read on the economic data and what it may imply for future changes in monetary policy by the Federal Reserve. Read the Commentary

June 2024 Burnette Financial Planning Newsletter

This month dispel the top myths about budgeting that often get in the way of savings goals. We also talk through hiring a professional to manage your trust. Read the Newsletter

May’s Monthly Commentary from Buckingham’s Chief Investment Officer

This month’s commentary will provide perspective on six market topics: U.S. vs International equity performance, the Magnificent Seven, Monetary Policy, Economic Growth, Inflation and Jobs. Read the Commentary

May 2024 Burnette Financial Planning Newsletter

This month, we are looking at what may be ahead for markets and the economy. Review our outlook for a deep dive into the latest economic trends and what they could mean for your financial planning. We also cover a key planning topic many are facing – understanding aging parents’ health care and financial needs. […]

April 2024 Monthly Buckingham Commentary

The monthly Market commentary from Buckingham Strategic Partner’s Chief Investment Officer Kevin Grogan, CFA, CFP®. Read the Commentary

April, 2024 Burnette Financial Planning Newsletter

This month we’re helping to answer your questions about this year’s presidential election and the possible impact on your financial plan and the wisdom of global diversification. Read the Newsletter.

March 2024 Newsletter

This month we’re talking the “personal” in “personal finance”. We discuss how you can align your financial plan with your values and life changes – including welcoming a new family member! Read the Newsletter

How Do Election Years Affect Investing Behavior?

During presidential election years, a question that often comes up is how do markets fare when a Democrat versus a Republican controls the White House? Watch the Video

What to Do When the Market Hits All-Time Highs

Now that the stock market has recently hit an all-time high, is it time to consider selling? In this week’s Buckingham Perspectives, Chief Investment Officer Kevin Grogan offers some valuable considerations when making changes to your portfolio during market highs. Watch the Video

February Buckingham Market Commentary

Buckingham’s commentary on the SEC’s recent, “begrudgingly” approval of bitcoin ETFs. Read Commentary

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