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Perspective on the impact of geopolitical risks

As we watch the conflict in the Middle East unfold with a sense of concern for all the individuals impacted, investors also have questions about the potential impact on financial markets. In this episode of Buckingham Perspectives, Head of Investment Research Jared Kizer, CFA addresses investors’ concerns about geopolitical risks and shares insights on making portfolio adjustments […]

Government Shutdown Averted for Now

In this episode of Buckingham Weekly Perspectives, Head of Investment Research Jared Kizer explores the impact of a government shutdown from a political and historical perspective, the near- and long-term risks from an investment strategy perspective, and three ways investors can manage this risk. Watch the Video

Quarterly Outlook Q3 2023: Recession Predictions Linger

Although many economists predict a recession for 2023, the economy continues to be resilient. Several factors are keeping the economy in expansion mode — the strong labor market, strong consumer and corporate balance sheets and the stabilizing housing market — despite significant headwinds. In our Quarterly Outlook, we cover what’s contributed to growth in stocks, […]

Celebrating Groundbreaking Research with Giants of Finance: Fama and French

It has been 30 years since Eugene Fama and Ken French published their paper proposing a three-factor model for stocks. Their research paved the way for the implementation of multifactor systematic investing. While these giants of finance can’t predict where the industry is headed next, they’ve played a critical role in changing how investors think […]

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