From our first meeting, we want you to consider Burnette Financial Planning your #1 resource for the guidance you want to make smart financial choices throughout your lifetime.

This is our time-tested process to assure your success:


Time-tested Burnette Financial Planning Process



In the first informal meeting, we want to learn about you – your goals, concerns, dreams. We also want you to learn about us – our experience, process and results. Are we a good fit?


Sharing information, we get to know you. We analyze and review your current situation, your needs and your objectives, and then help establish benchmark goals.


From this information, we draft a financial life plan based on the goals that matter most to you.


When you approve your plan, we activate your plan and put your financial life strategy in motion.


Going forward, we monitor your progress and make sure your plan is on track, providing ongoing service as your needs and situation change.

From this process, you can expect a comprehensive financial plan that addresses:

  • Your long-term goals, objectives, and values
  • Your expected time horizon for investments
  • A definition of different levels of risk, including confirmation of your level of risk tolerance
  • Rate of return objectives and asset classes that will be used for your investments
  • Investment methodology
  • A rebalancing plan to ensure that your investments reflect current market opportunities and to correct course
  • Monitoring and reporting methods

Ready to get started? Let’s get together.